Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review: L'oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Cream Cleanser

hey girlies..
here's a quick review on the new l'oreal go 360 clean deep cream cleanser.
cuhs let's be real...not everyone can afford a bottle of philosophy's purity or any other expensive cleanser all the time.. geeeez :)

So i got this at target for $5.99.
It is a very gentle cleanser but works pretty well!
I love the lil scrublet.. its just made of rubber and has little soft spikes but it feels really good and feels like it really helps exfoliates and gets the dead skin and dirt off your face!

The formula itself is just a lotion like consistency & leaves your skin with a very tingly/cooling feeling afterwards. I actually like the tingling sensation... it feels really refreshing! This cleanser also takes makeup off pretty well..

I wouldnt recommend using it in the eye area though (i avoid it) because it sometimes even stings my eyes if i get the product too close to the eye area because of the menthol/cooling sensation of it.

I recommend this product to you guys~ try it out. :)

Ps.. i saw this at Rite Aid for $7.99 so go to target or walmart to get this!

PPs..go to www.lorealparisusa.com & register really quickly so you can get $1 off this product! every penny counts right :)?


Monday, May 17, 2010

$3 off Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick!

hey ladies..
i've heard tons & tons of good reviews on REVLON COLORBURST LIPSTICKS!
So, i must try them out.. but in case any of you wanted to try it out as well.. here's a $3 off coupon!

go to revlon.com
quickly sign up/ register... it only takes a couple seconds..
then print out your $3 off coupon!!

which color do you guys recommend??



Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shoe Fetish: Comfy Heels for the Summer!

hey dolls..
just wanted to share a small shoe haul with u all (that rhymes hehe) :)
i was on the hunt for COMFY yet still HIGH platform heels...
I went to Steve Madden several times but they never have my size in the cute styles!! (i'm a size 5.5... small feet i know i know :p) So I eventually gave up on Steven Madden after going to FOUR of their stores!

so here's what i got..


These cork platform heels are sOO damn comfy.. they have a lining of cushion on the sole that make it extra comfy as well. The platform makes it comfy because it doesnt force your feet to arch as much.
Best of all... these heels were on SALE! for $39.99... i believe they have them on the website (bakersshoes.com) for $29.99!! Check it out!
This white/nude color a must-have for the summer~


This is not the actual one I got but these are cute too! The ones I got are the same style as this one but the color is a ROYAL BLUE & the material is suede.
These were on sale for $39.99 as well! These are cute peep-toe platform heels but these are actually even comfier than the other ones even though they are super high!


Last but not least (these are my absolute FAVES) the TORY BURCH wedges in PATTI. I got these babies in the color TAN... this year they came out in colors TAN, PINK, & BLUE. But I thought the tan ones were the easiest to match with every outfit.
These are super comfy yet still give you a few inches of height! They ARE quite pricey ($225.00) but soo worth every penny.. these will last you a long time as long as you take care of them!

What do you guys think? Love them? Hate them? Be honest! :)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review: Essie VAN D'GO

hey dolls..
i'm lovvvin this nail polish right now.. just got it at Ulta the other day !

ESSIE: Van D'go

This is a gorrrgeous coraly/pinky color~ Perfect for the summer!
It's a bright color but still very wearable & appropriate for a work place! Check it out :)
It applies very smooth, not streaky at all. Put on 2 coats and you'll get the exact color that's shown through the bottle! There are no shimmer/glitters in it at all, its just a very milky/creamy looking color! (The creamy, no shimmer nail polishes are my faves!)
It may chip in a few days so make sure you use a good top coat (I highly recommend Seche Vite top coat!! It's freekin awesome~)

Here's a 20% off coupon for Ulta so you can get 20% off this nail polish!

What is your fave nail polish of the moment?! Leave me a comment below so I can try it out :)


Monday, May 3, 2010

Tips&Tricks: Smooth & Shiny Legs!!

Hey dolls.. so now that fall/winter is completely over & the hot weather is fast approaching we all need to show off those legs right?! Your gonna end up wearing alot of cute dresses, shorts, and skirts but your legs needa be smooth & shiny! Nobody likes to see dry, flakey legs.. yuck! Hahaha so here are a couple tips..

Before you shave.. make sure you exfoliate so u can get all that dead skin off and have the hairs come up so u can shave all them nastay thangs off hahah try this product..

Its by Soap & Glory.. you can find this at TARGET! They have all pink & cute packaging & the descriptions on the products are always soo funny.. check it out.
But pretty much this product is an exfoliater for your dry/flakey legs.. it really has salt crystals that ACTUALLY scrub your skin instead of some scrubs that just melt off right away. It has an almond sort of extract but it smells good! It also MOISTURIZES your legs.. it just makes them really smooth & gives an oiled up feeling afterwards.
I believe this product is around $10 at TARGET!

Yes ladies.. you can! Try this one out..

I read somewhere that this can also be used as a shaving cream. I got this at Sephora for lyk $5... it smells delicious and its also very moisturizing as well. Warning.. It can be kind of slippery to use in the shower so just be careful :)

This last tip is an obvious one.. but if your razor is RUSTY or has been used for awhile.. THROW IT OUT & get another one! The last thing you want is ugly cuts & bleeding from your razor.. -.-

PLEASE.. DO NOT go to a nail salon to get a pedicure right after you have shaved..
it is really easy for bacteria to get into your skin this way! be careful~


Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Favorites..

hey dolls.. sorry i haven't been posting as often as i should. i have tons of ideas on posts to write but i got a allergic reaction to some type of food and got hives all over my body & i went to the emergency.. so i've been resting :(.

anyways, on a brighter note. here are all my april faves 2 make up for all that~
(in no particular order)

1. Unite 7 seconds Detangler

This is the SH!T... after you shower, apply this to damp/wet hair and comb out. It'll make your hair feel soo soft and smell awesome! This is a leave in conditioner & it really nourishes your hair. It is around $26 but worth every penny! Not sure where to get this product.. possibly at beauty supply stores?

2. Urban decay 24/7 glide on eyeliner in ZERO

This is only the BEST eyeliner pencil out there.. duh. it actually STAYS on your waterline and applies very creamy & smooth! Also the color comes out VERY black (which i love).. i'm almost done with my pencil.. gotta go buy another one ;)

3. MAC Blush in Sunbasque

This will give you that perfect glow. It looks quite dark in the picture but just lightly sweep it on the apples of your cheeks to give you a healthy look. I always use either Sunbasque or Pink Swoon depending on my mood :). You guys have GOT to have this blush in your collection.. it looks fabulous on ANY skin tone.

4. NYX Lipgloss in CRYSTAL SODA

I'm not sure if the above image is the exact color but if you ever see NYX produts check out this lipgloss! Its a really pretty pink/gold shimmer lipgloss, its not drying, and there are tons of glitter in there (kinda like the dazzleglasses but not sticky like those!! yuck) It applies very smooth however, it's not very longlasting for me...it also smells delicious!!

5. Wet & Wild Ultimate Brow Kit!

I already did a review on this one but I'm lovin it so far~ it really defines my eyebrows & there is such a big difference if i don't define them. The powders are verrry pigmented as well. ONLY around $3-4 too!! YAY

6. MAC's eyeshadow in MULCH

I've been wearing this color almost everyday! It's an awesome neutral color with gold-ish shimmers in it. It blends very easily & is a perfect/quick color to apply all over the lip when your on the go!!

7. L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

I haven't used drugstore mascaras for awhile but i decided to pick this up after all of the good reviews I've heard on it. It is very volumizing, lengthing, and curling all in one. I actually allmoooost like this much better than the Buxom Lash Mascara because it is much cheaper. However, the only downside to this is you need to wipe your brush on the top of the tube before you apply or else it'll get super clumpy on your lashes.

8. Urban Decay Primer Potion in EDEN

I didn't like this eye primer at first but for the past couple months, i kept using it (becuhs its the only non-creasing primer i had) and it's reali been growing on me!! I hafto use this everyday now & i can't live without it. It evens out the entire eyelid and acts like a concealer. It grabs the eyeshadow colors very well & hardly ever creases on me (& fyi, ALOT of primers crease on my eyelid) Only problem (which we all know now..) is the PACKAGING! It becomes such a mess after awhile & becomes hard to get the product out but whatever.. its what's inside that counts rite :\? haha

9. Kiehl Supremely Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

I've been using this for a couple years now & i cannot live without this remover!! It is a lotion-like consistency & truly takes all of your eye makeup off GENTLY! I rub it in all over my eyes then take a soft tissue & wipe off the dirt. Then i use my next favorite item...

10. Purity Facial Cleanser

This is the ultimate cleanser.. i believe i already mentioned this product but pretty much, it'll take off all the makeup/dirt left on your face! This is a must-have.

Anyways..sorry for the longass post but those are my favorites for this month!
What are your guys' favorite products? Please leave a comment below & tell me so I can try it out too!! I loveee monthly "favorites" reviews :)