Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shoe Fetish: Comfy Heels for the Summer!

hey dolls..
just wanted to share a small shoe haul with u all (that rhymes hehe) :)
i was on the hunt for COMFY yet still HIGH platform heels...
I went to Steve Madden several times but they never have my size in the cute styles!! (i'm a size 5.5... small feet i know i know :p) So I eventually gave up on Steven Madden after going to FOUR of their stores!

so here's what i got..


These cork platform heels are sOO damn comfy.. they have a lining of cushion on the sole that make it extra comfy as well. The platform makes it comfy because it doesnt force your feet to arch as much.
Best of all... these heels were on SALE! for $39.99... i believe they have them on the website ( for $29.99!! Check it out!
This white/nude color a must-have for the summer~


This is not the actual one I got but these are cute too! The ones I got are the same style as this one but the color is a ROYAL BLUE & the material is suede.
These were on sale for $39.99 as well! These are cute peep-toe platform heels but these are actually even comfier than the other ones even though they are super high!


Last but not least (these are my absolute FAVES) the TORY BURCH wedges in PATTI. I got these babies in the color TAN... this year they came out in colors TAN, PINK, & BLUE. But I thought the tan ones were the easiest to match with every outfit.
These are super comfy yet still give you a few inches of height! They ARE quite pricey ($225.00) but soo worth every penny.. these will last you a long time as long as you take care of them!

What do you guys think? Love them? Hate them? Be honest! :)



  1. wow those are high heels! I can't never pull those off since I'm such a klutz. They're super cute though =)

  2. omg i wanna go shopping SOOOOO badly now!! :(

  3. I love those heels! I really like wearing high heels but I'm already tall (5'8") so I don't very often because my boyfriend is only like an inch taller than me and if I wear heels I'm taller than him. I'm self conscious about that lol. Good choices though!