Thursday, September 2, 2010

August Favorites...a little different...

hey dolls!!
I kind of already did my august favorites for beauty products (look back in my older posts) & most of my favorite products still remain the same for now... but i still wanted to share some of my current, RANDOM obsessions at the moment with you all :P

Mcdonald's Sweet Tea $1 !!

SOO refreshing on these hothot days... u must try this! AND they give you a bigggg@$$ cup for only $1... crazy!!

Leopard print!!

UGH.. i will never get sick of this print! I love love leopard print~ Definitely a major trend for Fall 2010 once again! Who loves leopard print ?!?! High 5!!

Straw Fedora Hats!!

I'm lovin' these cute hats! They spark up any outfit & look super boho chic on~
Don't by shy or scared you might look like a farmer ... it's totally chic.. ;) Plus it is a super quick fix to a bad hair day!! hehe

Long lashes & minimal eyeshadow!!

With this hot weather.. i really haven't been feeling like wearing smokey eyes or heavy eyeshadow so i have just been putting on vanilla eyeshadow (by MAC) all over the lid & as a brow highlighter then black liquid liner & some AWESOME mascara...
I'm still obsessed with the Makeup Forever Smokey Lash Mascara! <3 Look how long my lashes look!! I don't even need to wear false lashes when I wear this mascara!! WOO HOO~ THANK YOU MAKEUP FOREVER <3

That's all for now...
What are your August favorites?!
Leave me a comment below or link me to your blog post!
Thanks lovelies <3


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: St. Ives Green Tea Scrub!!!

hey dollss..
now, you might be thinking.. you just bought the st.ives green tea scrub.. why are you reviewing it already?!

WELLLLLL... i fell in LOVE with it after the first use!! I'm OBSESSED!! My skin cleared up and got soo smooth and it also made my skin tone alot more even...
It got rid of alot of the redness i had which was a major issue. I've been using it once or sometimes twice a day and it isn't too harsh and doesn't dry out my skin either!

ALSO, unlike the apricot scrub this has smaller particles and is more gentle on your skin. It has a pleasant smell and leaves your skin literally feeling like a baby's butt after!!! Who doesn't want that... LOL :)

I got this in Target's travel section for $0.99... NINETY NINE CENTS OKAY?! CRAZY RIGHT!
I will be buying the full size asap... It is an AWESOME scrub at an AWESOME price.

try it out and let me know what you think...


Friday, August 20, 2010


hey dolls!
after weeks of searching... i finally got the Urban Decay Naked Palette!!!
I looked in all sephora stores, sephora online, ulta stores, ulta online... & it was SOLD OUT!!!

The colors are GORGEOUS & it comes with my beloved 24/7 liner but its double ended (brown/black)!! It also comes with a mini primer potiion as well :)
I love the Book of Shadows I & II and the Alice in Wonderland palettes but on a day to day basis i only wear neutral shades so I never got those palettes because I didn't think i would use the bright colors as much (although they ARE gorgeous!!).
This palette, like all of the other Urban Decay palettes, is highly pigmented and has very unique yet neutral shades that you can wear anywhere!!

I have an extra Urban Decay Naked palette to sell so please leave me a comment if your interested...

Thanks lovelies!


Thursday, August 19, 2010


hey dolls !!
guess what? you can get a FREE FEKKAI HAIR PRODUCT!
**AUGUST 26th,2010 ONLY**

just follow these simple steps....

1. go to:

2. print out the form and fill it out!

3. take it to your nearest Saks Fifth Avenue and receive your free product ($23 value)

let me know if you'd like me to continue posting coupons, discounts, & free stuff on here!!!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hello beautiful readersss ~
Today I went to ULTA&TARGET!! WOOHOO! Those two stores are my faves..
Anyways here's just a couple things i bought...


ughh.. i've been getting annoying blemishes everywhere! WTH?! LEAVE ME ALONE! :[
But yea I went into the travel section(LOVEEEE) and found a mini version of this!
I didn't want to buy the big one just yet because i might not like it!


so this has been my fave lotion for years but i couldnt find it for awhile... ULTA HAD IT!! (Target didn't :[) WOOHOO I LOVE YOU ULTA!
There was one left so IT WAS MEANT TO BE!! RIGHT!?
Anyways it's only $4.99!! It's super moisturizing & lightweight.. & it smells really good.. its a light/almost fragrance free scent.. lol


My hair is pretty dry & damaged so I decided to get my hair a lil treat...MENT! Ha ha.. get it? :)
Anyways.. this sh-t was lyk $18 bux.. wat theee.. it better work wonders~


MICHAEL KORS White Diamond Watch!

OHH BOY Do i loveee this watch!!
It's super lightweight & sparkley & super cute! LOVE IT!


Have you guys tried any of this yet?
I'll be sure to do some reviews on them so be on the look out!!! :P

I'll ALSO be sure to post more often...SORRY GUYS~ <3


July-August Favorites !

hey dolls.. sorrie i've been so m.i.a :[
i've just been so busy with work and transferring schools !
but i've been trying out a ton of new stuff lately & found some great stuff ~

here are some of my faves 4 all y'all...

NYX Black Label Pressed Powder

Been using this to set my foundation and it makes your skin feel super silky and soft!
Lasting power is pretty good & it definitely does not look cake-y or feel heavy on your face at all!

LAURA MERCIER Silk Creme Foundation

This is an awesome foundation !!! Laura Mercier has the best tinted moisturizer & foundations!
This has a very natural yet full coverage look. It really evens out your skin without looking to heavy.
This foundation is a must-have!!
The tube looks a little small and overpriced (around $40 @ Sephora) but you only need a very small amount for each application so it should last a long time!! Mine sure has :)

MAKEUP FOREVER Smokey Lash Mascara

So after hearing many good reviews about this mascara I got it & tested it out for about a month.
May i say...this mascara has truly impressed me!! As I've mentioned before.. I've tried an endless amount of mascaras & this one seems to work best for me!!
It is very volumizing, lengthening, and holds a good curl too!! It does NOT flake or smudge at all & lasts ALLLL day. No joke... go pick this up at Sephora right now!! :)

DIOR Lipglow

This stuff is soo cool! It's pretty much a lip balm that helps bring out the natural color in your lips. (Kind of similar to the effect of Smashbox O glow or the too-faced brand one)
It doesn't come out too pink and gives you a natural, healthy color on your lips. AND it is sooo very moisturizing!
It is quite expensive but works well!!

CLARINS Stop Imperfections Blemish Control

I've been using this stuff for years now. Instead of major breakouts, I usually just get blemishes once in awhile (which i am so thankful for!! :p)
BUT, when i DO get those blemishes...they are a pain in the a--...
Have you guys ever had one of those blemishes that just take days just to be ready to pop? And even then, it still doesnt go away completely!
Well, try this Clarins Blemish Control Stick.
It has a small metal roller ball and it has salicydic acid which helps calm and dry out your blemish! It really helps~

TARGET Up&Up Makeup Wipes

I actually bought the BLUE pack & loved it! They tone my skin & take off all of the dirt & makeup!! Plus they are superrr cheap :)

Those are just some of my current faves..
What are you loving right now ?!!? Please leave me a comment below! I love trying out new stuff :)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May Favorites!! A little late...

hey dolls... sorrie i've been soo caught up with things lately i haven't been able to post anything!
but i decided to quickly post up some May favorites for u all :)... a little late but better late than never rite? (:

1. The Body Shop- Body Butter in Strawberry

- sooo moisturizing !
- smells delicious.. *warning* you WILL want 2 eat yourself after application! :p
- not greasy & absorbs quickly

2. The Body Shop- Seaweed Mattifying day cream

- really does mattify your skin!
- good for those hot/humid days wear you feel like your face may melt
- controls oil very well
- dries quickly & is more like a gel consistency rather than a cream

3. Nars- Orgasm and Laguna- blush/bronzer duo

- love this popular blush/bronzer! really lives up to the hype
- kinda pricey..
- orgasm gives you that perfect flushed GLOW & laguna is perfect for contouring or giving you a more bronzed glow for the summer

4. Revlon- lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle

- ahh can't get enough of this lipgloss!
- such a gorgeous pink/lavender color on the lips
- very very pigmented!
- not drying on the lips
- quite long lasting...
- also.. its a drugstore item :) so yay!

5. Rosebud- Strawberry lip balm

- soo moisturizing... this is a must have in the purse
- only downside is i don't like applying lip balm with my fingers everytime... =\

6. Yves Saint Laurent- Long-lasting Eyeliner in 3

- perfect dark, ocean blue for the waterline! looks gorgeous with any eye look
- this will make the whites in your eyes POP!
- stays on the waterline pretty well

7. NYX- Smokey Eyes Palette

- great palette!! soo pigmented & the colors are perfect for a smokey OR everyday look
- easy to blend and pack on the color
- ranges from your highlight color to the brown/black smokey dark colors :)

have any of you tried any of these products? let me know if these products worked for you too!
what are YOUR may favorites? leave me a comment below <3