Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review: L'oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Cream Cleanser

hey girlies..
here's a quick review on the new l'oreal go 360 clean deep cream cleanser.
cuhs let's be real...not everyone can afford a bottle of philosophy's purity or any other expensive cleanser all the time.. geeeez :)

So i got this at target for $5.99.
It is a very gentle cleanser but works pretty well!
I love the lil scrublet.. its just made of rubber and has little soft spikes but it feels really good and feels like it really helps exfoliates and gets the dead skin and dirt off your face!

The formula itself is just a lotion like consistency & leaves your skin with a very tingly/cooling feeling afterwards. I actually like the tingling sensation... it feels really refreshing! This cleanser also takes makeup off pretty well..

I wouldnt recommend using it in the eye area though (i avoid it) because it sometimes even stings my eyes if i get the product too close to the eye area because of the menthol/cooling sensation of it.

I recommend this product to you guys~ try it out. :)

Ps.. i saw this at Rite Aid for $7.99 so go to target or walmart to get this!

PPs..go to www.lorealparisusa.com & register really quickly so you can get $1 off this product! every penny counts right :)?



  1. I've seen this everywhere! Unfortunately can't use this because of my sensitive skin. I like the little face scrubbers though =)

  2. My doc has told me to lay off exfoliating while I'm on my antibiotics for acne, but this looks nice. Thanks for the tip on saving $1! And I agree, I so cannot afford to be spending on Purity!

  3. looks cool~ and love that it's pink! :)

  4. I might try this one time. Thanks for the review!:D

    Happy Wednesday!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  5. Linda i just got it too..i like it but not as much as the purity felt like it burn my face alittle

  6. very nice and helpful review! hope u could follow my blog as well! thans hun! im a new follower of yours now!!