Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May Favorites!! A little late...

hey dolls... sorrie i've been soo caught up with things lately i haven't been able to post anything!
but i decided to quickly post up some May favorites for u all :)... a little late but better late than never rite? (:

1. The Body Shop- Body Butter in Strawberry

- sooo moisturizing !
- smells delicious.. *warning* you WILL want 2 eat yourself after application! :p
- not greasy & absorbs quickly

2. The Body Shop- Seaweed Mattifying day cream

- really does mattify your skin!
- good for those hot/humid days wear you feel like your face may melt
- controls oil very well
- dries quickly & is more like a gel consistency rather than a cream

3. Nars- Orgasm and Laguna- blush/bronzer duo

- love this popular blush/bronzer! really lives up to the hype
- kinda pricey..
- orgasm gives you that perfect flushed GLOW & laguna is perfect for contouring or giving you a more bronzed glow for the summer

4. Revlon- lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle

- ahh can't get enough of this lipgloss!
- such a gorgeous pink/lavender color on the lips
- very very pigmented!
- not drying on the lips
- quite long lasting...
- also.. its a drugstore item :) so yay!

5. Rosebud- Strawberry lip balm

- soo moisturizing... this is a must have in the purse
- only downside is i don't like applying lip balm with my fingers everytime... =\

6. Yves Saint Laurent- Long-lasting Eyeliner in 3

- perfect dark, ocean blue for the waterline! looks gorgeous with any eye look
- this will make the whites in your eyes POP!
- stays on the waterline pretty well

7. NYX- Smokey Eyes Palette

- great palette!! soo pigmented & the colors are perfect for a smokey OR everyday look
- easy to blend and pack on the color
- ranges from your highlight color to the brown/black smokey dark colors :)

have any of you tried any of these products? let me know if these products worked for you too!
what are YOUR may favorites? leave me a comment below <3



  1. I am love with those Revlon glosses!! I really love Laguna too!

  2. ohhh i love the look of all of these!
    i've only tried the first one, the body butter, but in mango :P SO. HEAVENLY. xD
    Olivia x :)

  3. Love the NARS blush and the Revlon lipgloss. Definitely some of my summer faves.

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