Wednesday, August 18, 2010

July-August Favorites !

hey dolls.. sorrie i've been so m.i.a :[
i've just been so busy with work and transferring schools !
but i've been trying out a ton of new stuff lately & found some great stuff ~

here are some of my faves 4 all y'all...

NYX Black Label Pressed Powder

Been using this to set my foundation and it makes your skin feel super silky and soft!
Lasting power is pretty good & it definitely does not look cake-y or feel heavy on your face at all!

LAURA MERCIER Silk Creme Foundation

This is an awesome foundation !!! Laura Mercier has the best tinted moisturizer & foundations!
This has a very natural yet full coverage look. It really evens out your skin without looking to heavy.
This foundation is a must-have!!
The tube looks a little small and overpriced (around $40 @ Sephora) but you only need a very small amount for each application so it should last a long time!! Mine sure has :)

MAKEUP FOREVER Smokey Lash Mascara

So after hearing many good reviews about this mascara I got it & tested it out for about a month.
May i say...this mascara has truly impressed me!! As I've mentioned before.. I've tried an endless amount of mascaras & this one seems to work best for me!!
It is very volumizing, lengthening, and holds a good curl too!! It does NOT flake or smudge at all & lasts ALLLL day. No joke... go pick this up at Sephora right now!! :)

DIOR Lipglow

This stuff is soo cool! It's pretty much a lip balm that helps bring out the natural color in your lips. (Kind of similar to the effect of Smashbox O glow or the too-faced brand one)
It doesn't come out too pink and gives you a natural, healthy color on your lips. AND it is sooo very moisturizing!
It is quite expensive but works well!!

CLARINS Stop Imperfections Blemish Control

I've been using this stuff for years now. Instead of major breakouts, I usually just get blemishes once in awhile (which i am so thankful for!! :p)
BUT, when i DO get those blemishes...they are a pain in the a--...
Have you guys ever had one of those blemishes that just take days just to be ready to pop? And even then, it still doesnt go away completely!
Well, try this Clarins Blemish Control Stick.
It has a small metal roller ball and it has salicydic acid which helps calm and dry out your blemish! It really helps~

TARGET Up&Up Makeup Wipes

I actually bought the BLUE pack & loved it! They tone my skin & take off all of the dirt & makeup!! Plus they are superrr cheap :)

Those are just some of my current faves..
What are you loving right now ?!!? Please leave me a comment below! I love trying out new stuff :)


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