Sunday, April 11, 2010

Products I Can't Live Without.. EVER. part 1

hey guys.. so i hope everyone had a good weekend :]
i sure did, my friend came down from Santa Maria & we shopped and ate and did fun things... lol...and now i'm reali reali tired but heres a blog entry anyways... its just a quick review of my FAVE PRODUCTS that i've been using constantly for tha last few months.. maybe even longer! you guys have GOT to try them out kay!? i wudnt suggest items to you guys that i don't think are worth the money.. even if its only a few dollars.
*drum roll pls...* in no particular order because they are all the best products!!....

1. sephora long lasting eyeliner in black...

*this eyeliner is infact true to its name & is very long lasting. you may have to re-apply near the end of the day if you have some creasing issues but other than that, for a non-waterproof eyeliner.. this is AMAZING.
*the brush tip is PERFECT to get the line as thin or as thick as you want, and the brush tip also makes it reali easy to create a nice winged eyeliner look...
*i have tried an endless amount of liquid eyeliners (i was on a mission to find the perfect one) but i think this is pretty much as good as it gets!
*it is only $10 .. now compared to a drugstore eyeliner that is kinda expensive but it'll last you a good several months.
*good drugstore dupe that i found?? the wet and wild mega liner... its only $2.99 and almost as good.
**sorry i can't say enuf about this eyeliner.. its a good product.. lol >.<

2. laura mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer

*okay this is a can't-live-without type of product. it is the best tinted moisturizer out there... i've tried everything from drugstore neutrogena to expensive-ass sisley... and this is truly the BOMB.
*price is $42.. a little pricey you may think.. but it comes with a lot of product and will last you a good amount of time..
*comes in a variety of shades & blends perfectly.. also the coverage is definitely buildable.. but with one or two applications it looks lyk you are wearing foundation!

3. purity facial cleanser

*best facial cleanser... claims to be a one-step cleanser.. and it truly is!
*it'll take off anything and everything... whether its eyelash glue or just plain stubborn waterproof mascara.. get this if you want the best cleanser ever! hahaha
*price varies in size but try the cheapest/smallest size at $10 then buy the huge thing when u run out... but trust me.. your gonna wanna buy the biggest size once you try this!!

4. buxom lash mascara

*so this is probably the best mascara i've tried so far.. & i've tried alot.. from maybelline lash stiletto to dior show, dior iconic to mac's mascaras, etc.. you get tha point. anyways this mascara VOLUMIZES, CURLS, & LENGTHENS all in one! i never even use a lash curler because of this awesome thing.. plus i hear that curling ur lashes everyday can be bad for them.
*tha price is $18... which is quite reasonable for a high-end mascara. trust me, its worth tha price.
*the brush is actually quite big but it's pretty easy to work with, and the fibers are very thin and comb your lashes..omg.. its awesome!

5. st. ives intensive healing body moisturizer & hand cream

*can't quite remember the price but they are both under $5 for sure.. find it at ulta..
*this claims to be a 24hour moisturizer and it ain't lying.. it'll keep your body moisturized all day.. no re-application necessary :)
*it's cheap & it works wonders & it says its 100% natural ingredients so what tha hell r u waiting for?! go get it ! haha :P

anyways... i have a alot more but this is getting kinda long so i'll make a part 2 when i get a chance to.. so stay tuned for that please :)
if you have any questions on any of these products please feel free to ask me! i have been using these products for a looong time & have re-purchased them several times so i think i cud answer most of your questions if i haven't mentioned it already!
thanks for reading<3



  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. =)

    I love Laura mercier's TM alot too but I use it in the normal version since i have dry skin! xxx

  2. I love these reviews! I'm going to try the Buxom mascara and Philosophy cleanser. *Wishlist*