Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: 99cents Essence Nail Polish

hey guys..
so today i'm going to review these nail polishes i found at Ulta the other day

They are by a brand called "Essence" not "Essence of Beauty" like the brushes lol..kind of confusing isnt it?
So these are ONLY 99cents at Ulta!! I believe this is a newer brand. They have a small section of makeup & everything is soo cheap... i was kinda of hesitant to try some of the stuff but i just got 2 nail polishes and a liquid eyeliner all for under $5!

Here's what the nail polishes look like...

I got a white-ish color & a light pink-ish color because i had an interview & needed a neutral/professional looking color! But there was some gorgeous colors there... a coral color, lavender, bright greens, blues, pinks, etc.
I wasn't expecting much out of them but they're actually not bad at all! What i love about them is that the brush is quite thick so it is very easy to apply and comes out not streaky at all!! For a 99cent nail polish that is an amazing quality.

The white-ish color & light pink color i got are quite sheer but after about 2 coats the color comes out quite true.

Sorry guys i didn't take a picture of when i applied it..:( but trust me .. for 99cents they're pretty good... better than spending 8-9dollars on an OPI one!



  1. I saw this at Ulta the last time I was there!:D I'll definitely get some next time!:D

    Thanks for the review!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. .99 cents is a bargain!

    Great post! I love your blog! it's great. Not sure if you checked out mine yet?

    : ) please stop by and follow if you enjoy it.