Friday, April 23, 2010

Splurge vs. Sweet Find!

hey girlies.. sorry i didn't post anything for awhile.. I've been really caught up with things..SORRY! :(
But now we're back on track...k so i just recently started filling in my eyebrows to create a more defined shape. My eyebrows don't really need alot of filling in because they aren't sparse at all but i just like to create a little bit more definition and shape...:)

SPLURGE...I tried the benefit brow zings kit

The packaging is decent.. it comes with a mirror, 2 mini brushes, and tweezers. It's awesome though because its not really a powder.. the product is kind of a powder+wax mixed together to create a thicker formula. So when you apply it... you really only need a couple dabs on your brush and you'll still have to blend it out alot! Overall, its very pigmented & lasts all day. The mini brushes that it comes with is also pretty awesome but you can use any angled brush with it :)
I think it's around $30 at Sephora or Ulta or anywhere that carries Benefit products.

SWEET FIND... I found Wet & Wild's Brow kit!!

This is only about $4 at drugstores & its very comparable to Benefit's brow kit. The one i got is in "Ash Brown". There's another kit that's for lighter hair. So in the kit it comes with one lighter brown powder & one darker brown powder & one clear wax...BUTBUTBUT.. the packaging is S@#T!! lol.. it's pretty hard to open & its just cheap plastic.. but whatever it's FOUR BUX! haha can't complain.. but the powders are SUPER pigmented (don't judge a book by its cover).. you really only need like ONE dab for your entire eyebrow so be careful when applying~ blend it all out before you dip your brush in again ;) it's also pretty long-lasting & the mini angled brush it comes with is decent too! I'm lovin' this kit at the moment..especially since its only a fraction of the price of Benefit's or even Anastasia's Brow Kits!! :P

any questions about these two products? please leave it in the comments below...
if you've tried these already.. let me know how you like them!? Would you rather spend $30 on the "high-end" one??



  1. I'm all for the cheaper one if it's the same! I was looking at Anatasia's kit during the Sephora BI sale and thought it's extremely expensive. Thanks for sharing these two. I'm going to hit Walgreens/CVS on a hunt!

  2. cool, i'll see if i can find the wet n' wild kit! for $4, it's worth a try!


  3. I was thinking about trying the Wet & Wild's Brow kit! So thanks so much for the suggestion :D