Sunday, April 18, 2010

Top 5 Lip Products

hey dolls.. so i was going to post a mini haul but i couldn't find pictures & everything for it yet so mayb i'll post that tomorrow. But for now i'll share my favorite lip products wit u all..

1. Mac's Lipstick in "Blooming Lovely" (amplified lipstick)

Lo-lo-loveee this gorgeous purple lipstick!! Tone it down with "myth" or "creme d'nude" for a more nude look. The formula is also not drying at all. I'm loving bright-ass lipsticks at the moment!!<3

2. Mac's Lipstick in "Cream Cup" (cremesheen lipstick)

You can't really tell in this picture but its actually a very pink color! Its a cremesheen formula so it's not drying either. Again, use myth or any nude color to tone it down to a light pink color if you want!

3. C.O. Bigelow Ultra Mentha lipshine

I lovee how this gives you that menthol, cooling feeling on your lips and it lasts quite awhile too... it's infused with peppermint oil and makes your lips feel refreshed! Put it over any lipstick and it'll instantly make it look super glossy and shiny.

4. Soft lips Vanilla flavor

This is an awesome chapstick! I've tried their other flavors before too but they seem way more drying than the vanilla one.. which is weird...shouldn't it be the same formula!? idk it cud just be me but i didn't like the other flavors. This has a slight cooling effect & smells delicious!

5. Mac's Cremesheen Lipgloss in "Ever So Rich"

This lipgloss is quite sheer but is still good to layer with a lipstick.. it doesn't last very long on the lips but the color is just too pretty.. its a light lavender shade.

that's all for now.. i lovee lip products & i usually carry about 5-10 in my purse but i narrowed it down to these because i've noticed i use these ones everyday!!

anyways, what are your favorite lip products?! let me know your suggestions so i can try them out too!! :)



  1. I LOVE that softlips chap stick.

    I'm also very fond of Lancome lip glosses. They feel very thick and creamy so when it starts to wear off it still feels like you have a layer of lipstick on and are still moisturized

  2. That cremesheen looks really pretty!!

  3. "Blooming Lovely" looks gorgeous! My favourite lipstick is Lipstick Queen "Medieval" (not sure if this is just a UK brand?) - its a gorgeous sheer cherry red that you can build up to make brighter or just keep subtle.
    Ellie x

  4. OH my god, you love like 3 of my all time favorite things--ever so rich, c.o. bigelow glosses, and softlips! Awesome!

    Great blog, just started following ya. :)

  5. linda i luv the cream sheen lip gloss too i have ever so rich n fashion scoop luv it

  6. blooming lovely sounds awesome! i wanna try it! :) and the lip products ive been reaching for the most is my hello kitty lip balm and creme d'nude lipstick <3

  7. i really want to try blooming lovely!


  8. kitzy- ooh i luv creme d'nude lipstick too! i found it at a mac counter after you told me about it on our vegas trip so i picked it upp.. its tha perfect nude huhh?!

    jenn- omg u hafto try it! its tha most gorgeous bright purple :) u can find it on e-bay becuhs i think its sold out almost everywhere :(